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Many farmers want to grow more corn, soybeans, wheat, etc. but are unsure about how to take their yields to the next level, AND do it profitably. How do we survive the weather swings from too hot, too wet, too dry, or too cold? How will I know which products work on my farm and which will not? How do we survive times of low prices?  How do I take my yields from where we are now to 300 bu/acre of corn and 100 bu/acre of soybeans. These are all issues that growers face. The only way to be more productive is to grow more bushels to sell, AND do it profitably. We are here to be a TRUSTED adviser to growers for the long term and to help farmers.


We help farmers consistently grow more corn, soybeans, and wheat by implementing simple, easy, cost effective practices to minimize the risk of stress to crops and in turn, grow more bushels. 




Cover Crops Radishes

Cover Crops

A crop grown during off season for the protection and enrichment of the soil. Taking care of the soil is another necessary way you can ensure that your crops thrive and succeed! Cover crops can help you protect and enrich the soil, so they are a very wise investment. The cover crops that we provide have been proven to improve the condition of your soil, consequently producing better crops in the end! Soil is a valuable resource, and having the best kind of soil can make a world of difference for your future crops. Our cover crops can help you achieve your goal of enriched and healthy soil, so come to SeedOnomy for all your seed needs.

Sprouts soil health

Soil Health

If your livelihood revolves around the success of your crops, then you know the importance of soil health in this industry. Nourishing and caring for the soil that you plant your crops in can make all the difference in how well your seeds grow and thrive. It doesn’t even matter how healthy your seeds are if you are planting them in non-nourishing, unhealthy soil! How can you guarantee top-notch soil health so that your crops will succeed? Here at SeedOnomy, we have those answers for you. We provide our services to growers throughout the United States. Our resources are of the highest quality you’ll find and have proven to produce successful crops!

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